Get a Free Sony PS3!

Get a Free Sony PS3!

First of all, welcome! I'm guessing that you're thinking there's NO WAY of getting things like PS3s and other expensive goods for free, and that this is just another spam site advertising "free stuff". Well it's not, and here you will find out how to REALLY get things absolutely FREE!

So, why on earth would someone give me something so valuable like a Sony Ps3 for free? Well, the people that you get your stuff from are making money out of this, but not out of your pocket! We all know that people don't just give away expensive items without a benefit to them in some way. Have a look at the steps below or the table at the bottom of the page, but if you still don't understand go to the "How It Works" page to find out more on how the freebie system works.

STEP ONE: Sign up to a freebie site & choose your free gift.

STEP TWO: Complete an offer.

STEP THREE: Refer a certain number of friends/people via your referral link.

STEP FOUR: Get your free item through the post!

The BBC & CNN have confirmed that these sites actually work! They also made videos about it and showed them on Prime Time TV! (See "Proof" page for videos).

So, why not have a go and get a free sony ps3!!

This is a brief description of how the freebie system works. To find out more go to the "How it Works" page.



Gains / Receives


Nothing. (or about £5 if you complete an offer that isn't free.)

A Free Ps3!

Freebie Website

£300 on a PS3

10 comissions (referrals) each worth £20-£40 (from offer companies). Freebie Website makes profit of up to £70.

Offer Company

(Advertiser such as Lovefilm or Coral)

£60 - £X : This is a very small amount compared to other advertising campaigns.

At least 10 potential customers. They have tried the companies product/service and may choose to stay with the company. (Therefor company gains members and gets a profit!


Freebiejeebies, one of the main freebie networks has distributed over £1,169,277 worth of free stuff since March 2007!


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